AnCore Group Ltd.  is one of the leading providers in marketing, logistics and financial solutions whose team has over 30 years experience in steel and raw material trading, mainly in Europe and Asia.

Through our commercial, logistic and financial services, we offer complete solutions to our customers. Each member of the sales, financial and logistic department interrelates and identifies with their assignments to take care of all business -whether big or small- in a professional manner. Acting as a supplier, consumer, financial institution or retailer we are committed to provide the best personal service.

The services given by AnCore Group Ltd. range from something as simple as acting in a purchase/sale transaction to arranging a complex delivery process of goods and warehousing, with the support of financial facilities, according to your needs.

AnCore Group Ltd. is currently offering all types of steel products: raw materials, long steel products for construction and other appliances, flat steel products, semi-finished products, etc.

Excellent Integrated Service

AnCore Group Ltd. offers customized solutions to each customer and supplier in steel trading, through services, created and developed exclusively to satisfy each specific need. The services we offer cover all processes from the value of steel until the end user.


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