Scrap Division


Ferrous Metals
Non Ferrous Metals

From our SCRAP DIVISION we supply a diversified range of high quality ferrous and non ferrous scrap products. 

Our products are recyclable, durable and cost effective and are used as industrial raw materials in various industries worldwide.


Quality of materials we sell is determined based on specifications and chemical compositions, and tested by our Quality Department.
The materials will be classified according to the following specifications:

  • EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 12 861 "Copper and Copper Alloys-Scrap". 
  • EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 573-3 "Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys".

or according to the ones given by the customers.



Scrap metal recycling is extremely important from an environmental standpoint since when we recycle scrap metal, the contamination of water, air and waste is reduced in a 70%. In this way, it limits the quantity of new ore material that must be mined each year to provide the world industry with its metal.

Most of the metals that exist can be melted and processed to create new metals. 40% of steel scrap is destined to the production of new steel. As an example, by each ton of used steel that we recycle, we save one ton and a half of iron ore and about 500 kilograms of coal.

We save about 70% in energy and the quantity of used water is reduced in a 40%. During a normal year, by recycling, the worldwide steel industry saves the equivalent energy required to supply 110 million homes.

Of the 784 million tons of steel produced annually in the world, close to 43% is originated from scrap. This is equivalent to the weight of 150 Eiffel towers or 1.2 million cars per day.